• Are you concerned that your vacuum cleaner may be losing suction? 
  • Do the bristles on your vacuum look worn down from heavy use? 
  • Are there moving parts on your vacuum that are no longer functioning? 
  • Have you been experiencing power issues with your vacuum cleaner?
  • Is your sewing machine not stitching properly?
  • Do your sewing machine needles keep breaking?
Dale's Sales and Service
If so, turn to the professionals at Dale's Sales And Service. We repair and service both vacuum cleaners AND sewing machines!

The LAST thing that you need is an out-of-commission vacuum cleaner while you're trying to clean your home, business or automobile.

If you have a broken down vacuum cleaner that needs a replacement part or even a complete overhaul, bring it to us and let us restore it to working condition!

Call or visit us today for more information about our vacuum cleaner and sewing machine repair services.